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Like many artists, I've been drawing since I can remember. In elementary school I had goals to be an animator (and work for Disney). In 5th grade I became interested in comic books such as X-Men. I studied the art in these books and became interested in making them.

In high school I took every possible art class including AP Portfolio I, II and a special Digital Arts trial class with only about five other students. But at 16 I began to shy away from my dedication to art and discovered a new love for music and DJing. I shifted all my attention to the music scene and for about six years I hardly drew. This is where my name of "Danielle Soloud" originates ("Soloud" pronounced So-Loud), which makes more sense when you're a Hard House DJ! At about 22 years old I started to get out of the scene and for about three years or so after I didn't do much of anything except work behind a desk in an office job.

I then started to re-evaluate my life and think about what I wanted to do. For a while I heavily considered becoming a screenwriter. I learned how to write them and even have a few scripts started. I enjoy writing but this wasn't something that I felt I was to spend my life doing.

Eventually I came back to the idea of doing art for a living. To be honest I resorted back to art because it was what I knew and had done for so long. But getting back to drawing after being away from it wasn't as easy as I thought. I was completely out of practice and it was frustrating and upsetting. After a while I remembered how much I loved it and missed it... it's a passion and who I am. I became furious at myself for drifting away from drawing and felt I had to push myself twice as hard to catch up to where I should have been if I would have kept at it. 

I enrolled in school for an art degree, but couldn't decide on illustration or animation. I started at community college and took basic foundation courses in the meantime. Discovering school isn't for me, I decided to go ahead and pursue a career as an artist. Similar to my younger days, I have little to no interest in anything except drawing and essentially that really is all I do. 

I've worked on many sketch card sets participating in licenses such as Marvel, DC, Hack/Slash, Lady Death, and many more. I have been published in Voltron coffee art book, IDW's Womanthology, and 5finity's Zombies vs Cheerleaders comics. I have recently re-launched my webcomic Life with Death and have many other projects in the works that I'm excited to share with you!

Thanks for stopping by and taking an interest in my work, if you see me at a convention please come by and introduce yourself!